Donald Trump Fires The Kettle For Being Black After Tip Off From The Pot

American President Donald Trump has released a statement today announcing that he has fired the White House kettle as the pot complained that it was black.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Presdient Trump explained his decision, saying: “Look the kettle just wasn’t up to the job, he was a show off, who liked to grandstand and on top of that, the pottells me that he is black.”

“That is unacceptable as we are living in a White House, not a black house or an orange house a White House. Though an orange house does have a nice ring to it, I’ll get my people to work on it.”

Reached for comment, the kettle was reflective of his sacking, saying: “I’d served through both the Bush and Obama administrations without a problem. However when President Trump came in I knew my days were numbered. He’d get agitated when I started to boil as he saw it as taking away the attention from him.

“He also was furious that I was hesitant to make his favourite Russian blend of tea.”

Mark Williamson

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