Laughing Man In Big Hat Didn’t Really Get Kim Jong Un’s Last Joke

The general with the very tall hat who is laughing like a drain at Kim Jong Un’s latest quip has privately admitted that he didn’t really get the point of the joke.

“I’m puzzled. Why would half past two be the best time to go to the dentist?,” queried North Korean four star general Park Je Ung. “However, it is best not to do anything other than titter enthusiastically at one of dear leader’s jokes. The last bloke who did a sarcastic “ha ha” is now cleaning sewer pipes under Pyongyang for a living, and worst of all had his very tall hat confiscated.”

In the past General Ung has had to force himself to roll on the floor clutching his stomach in laughter despite not really knowing what was so hilarious about throwing a clock out the window to make time fly.

“Unfortunately the internet is severely restricted in this country so I was unable to look up what is so funny about the Avon lady having to knock on your front door because the doorbell is broken,” said the perplexed expert in long range ballistic missiles. “The next time we are permitted to talk to a foreigner I’ll get them to explain to me why an elephant leaving footprints in your butter is such a god damned side splitter.”

There is one joke that Kim Jong Un and his entourage do agree on.

“No matter how many times I hear it, it still cracks me up every time Kim remarks that he’s a hereditary dictator and the DPKR people had no choice in being ruled by him, but that America actually freely elected Donald Trump. That’s just comedy gold.”

Peter Green

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