Women Grilled On Responsibility For Sex Crimes

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As more allegations come out against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, tough questions are being asked about how a system that lionises rich men and protects them from the consequences of their actions has allowed people like Mr Weinstein to continue unabated for years.

New evidence revealed today indicates the blame for Mr Weinstein’s actions falls solely on the actions of the key party involved; Women.

During the course of its investigation into these allegations, The (un)Australian was shocked to discover that many, if not all, of Mr Weinstein’s victims have been Women. And yet Women have been silent for years, single-handedly allowing Mr Weinstein to rake up a longer list of victims, of who themselves remained silent.

The common denominator in all of Mr Weinstein’s alleged crimes? Women. Victims’ advocates have argued that society has cultivated a culture of not believing Women and attacking them when they come forward, but of course, people who are guilty often lash out with false accusations. However, the culpability of Women does not end there.

The (un)Australian can reveal exclusively that Women were not just the victims of Mr Weinsteins’ alleged crimes, but many had relationships with the accused. In fact, Women were involved in his business operations, his movies, and some were even Presidential candidates to whom he donated. Despite this evidence, Women have refused to take responsibility for Mr Weinstein’s actions.

“America’s leading fake feminist, @HillaryClinton, still silent on Harvey Weinstein,” Julian Assange tweeted, calling out this hypocrisy from the Ecuadorian Embassy he’s been living in after being accused of committing sexual assault in 2010.

“The fact that women came forward about my crimes is evidence that Women are lying about not being able to come forward,” he added.

Focusing on Mr Weinstein and his ilk, or how the system inoculates men and distracts from the culpability for their own actions by attacking Women, will only serve as a distraction from how Women are the ones responsible. Responsible journalism dictates our bailiwick should be to go after those who are truly responsible; Women, otherwise we’d be scoring cheap political points at the expense of the victims; Women.

The (un)Australian made a request to Women for comment but a response was not received before publication.

Richard Woodhouse

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