Singleton Truck Driver Gets Job With Linfox


The truck driver who stole a B-double truck before setting it on fire and ramming it into the town of Singleton has been given a job as a driving instructor by Linfox.

“We’ve been looking for the right person to head up our advanced truck driving skills program and when I saw the burning buildings and mangled cars I knew we’d found our guy,” said Linfox HR manager Marjorie Large. “I rushed in and signed him up before any of our competitors or one of the major taxi companies could grab him for themselves.”

Meanwhile, Pauline Hanson has described the scene at Singleton as a tragedy after discovering that no Muslims were involved.

“What happened in Singleton was an absolute tragedy,” said the One Nation leader. “At first I was absolutely ecstatic but as the day went on and the news that there wasn’t any Muslims involved started to sink in with me I got sadder and sadder. This is especially tragic as it comes so close after finding out that no Muslims were involved in the Vegas shooting.”

Linfox graphic artists are working hard to change the slogan on the back of their trucks to “Your car is being crushed into scrap metal and set on fire by another Linfox”.”

Peter Green

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