Channel 9 Cancels Don Burke’s Planned ARIA Appearance Replaces Him With Rolf Harris

The Nine network has reacted to the allegations made against former presenter Don Burke by cancelling all his appearances on the network including his planned appearance at the upcoming ARIA music awards.

“We had Burkey pencilled in to join Darryl Braithwaite on an all-star jam of the Burke’s Backyard theme but in light of the twitter storm we thought let’s nix that and we’ll slot in old Rolf Harris,” said Channel 9 executive Ian C Noevil. “I mean we can’t offend the twitter people after all if it wasn’t for all the negative tweets about the awards we’d have absolutely no interest in the awards at all.”

“We even have to bribe the muso’s to turn up by offering a free bar.”

As well as Channel 9 turning their backs on Don Burke sponsors have started to boycott the gardening star as well.

However not everyone has abandoned him with news this week that a new type of grub found lurking on a TV set in Willoughby is set to be named in his honour.

Mark Williamson

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