BBL To Release New Merchandise: Team Coloured Divorce Papers

The Big Bash League has announced that following this years successful season launch that they will be rushing out new lines of merchandise, with the first item to be wheeled out being team coloured BBL divorce papers.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback from partners of cricket fans who are fed up with having to watch the BBL every night of the week,” said BBL spokesman Trevor Stump. “For years, partners of cricket tragics had to suffer through 5 day tests with the only thing getting them through was the thought that there was no cricket on at night. Well the BBL changed that.”

The new line of divorce papers are already flying off the shelves and proving a hit with both parties.

Perth Scorchers fan Jamie Moody, was recently served with Scorchers-themed divorce papers, said of the experience: “At first I was surprised and upset that my partner of 12 years wanted a divorce, but when I saw that it was co-signed by Justin Langer I thought you bloody beauty this is going straight to the pool room.”

BBL divorce papers are on-sale now through the Big Bash website or free with every purchase of a KFC 108-piece bucket.

Mark Williamson

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