Optus Tried To Shield Australia From The Pain

Following the Socceroos exit from the Football World Cup rights holder Optus has issued a press release to all of Australia saying: “We tried to stop you watching, we knew this would end in tears. Are you happy now SBS?”

The press release follows revelations that Optus deliberately sabotaged their coverage of the Football World Cup in order to save Australians the pain of enduring another Socceroos campaign that ends early.

“We could see how this would end up,” Said an Optus Spokesperson. “I mean we expect to be the best at the world at this game and we don’t even take it seriously. I mean our team is called the Socceroos. Soccer’s not even the name of the game it’s football damnit!”

“If everybody had of stuck with us you could have ignored this but oh no SBS had to get involved. Well now live with it, spend the rest of the week complaining about the umpires and the Coach and whatever excuse you and the experts in your office can think up as to why we were robbed.”

Upon news of Optus’ planned sabotage Cricket Australia has hastily convened a meeting to discuss the broadcasting rights to the upcoming Cricket World Cup.

Mark Williamson 


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