Chris Lilley’s ‘Honey Badger’ Bachelor Wins Ratings Slot Again


Chris Lilley the Aussie comedian known for creating original ‘blackface characters with authenticity’ on ABC TV, has another victory on his resume.

The Bachelor is fun,” Chris Lilley tells The (un)Australian. “It’s low-makeup, the girls don’t know it’s me, despite me totally over-acting this… Aussie larrikin stooge.”

His latest creation, rugby player Nick Cummins, won the early slot on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Lilley was originally encouraged to try a Cory Bernardi/Sam Newman/Warnie hybrid character to star in 2018’s The Bachelor. “The face prosthetics looked unrealistic and I didn’t want to upset those Aussie legends by depicting them in a way that’d make them look foolish for how they were born.”

The acclaimed comedian was at a rugby game last year filming his previous series Izzy, when he came up with the “mad-as-a-cut-snake Bachelor” character.

Lilley warns that there will be more comedy from his production company Princess Pictures soon. “I wanna do for Australia what Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall did for ‘Coming To America’ … playing multiple characters in one show. It’s also a good loophole for the diversity demands of ABC charters when you can just play every ethnicity.”

His next ambitious project, Uber To Uluru, will feature only Indigenous Australians and Indians, all played by Lilley, and a handful of blackfaced body doubles. He laughs: “It’ll be hot up there, but at least I don’t have to maintain abs, like I did as The Honey Badger”.

The Bachelor screens 7.30pm Wednesday & Thursday nights on TEN.

Jonas Holt

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  1. Why no comments? This is fucking hilarious. Just wanted to let you know.


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