Australia’s Defamation Lawyers Celebrate Alan Jones Signing New 2 Year Contract


Australia’s defamation lawyers have broken out the champagne to celebrate radio shock jock Alan Jones signing a new 2 year deal to host his ratings topping show on network 2GB.

“What a relief it is that Alan will go around again for a few more years,” said a Sydney based lawyer. “I’ve got kids still in private schools and the lease is almost up on my Land Rover. Now that Alan is back on the microphone maybe I can splash out and look at getting a Tesla.”

“It’s been a tough few years for the defamation industry what with Mark Latham now having parliamentary privilege.  A lot of lawyers were put out of the business when he was elected to parliament.”

When asked why they felt so confident in getting work from Alan Jones the Lawyer responded: “Look at his record, the parrot speaks first then pays out later.”

“As long as there are women out there in power Alan will always be there to abuse and potentially defame them.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to test drive a Tesla. Might drive by 2GB, an electric car is a dead set certainty to set the parrot off.”

Mark Williamson

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