Dutton Confident That He Has The Numbers To Roll Morrison


Australia’s Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton has been telling colleagues that he is quietly confident that he has the numbers to mount a successful leadership challenge against Prime Minister-elect Scott Morrison.

“Peter has been in a great mood all this week walking around the office smiling,” said a Liberal party insider. “It’s unusual to see him smile as it normally only happens when he sees someone suffer misfortune or he’s prepping for a leadership challenge.”

“We’ll see how it goes, the last one worked out a treat for him.”

When asked directly if he was planning to mount a challenge and why Minister Dutton replied: “You know what they say, never say never unless of course you’re talking about showing a bit of humanity in which case then you say never.”

“I will say though I will not be challenging Scott at this time however should my numbers man Matthias Cormann tell me I have the numbers then I shall be in like Flynn as they say.”

Mark Williamson


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4 replies

  1. Really? Who is this wanker might have got shorten in then


  2. I thought april 1st was april fools Day


  3. Nice try Getup !!! Give up you lost !!!!!


  4. Stop all Australian Politicians Salaries and Benefits untill APH operates under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 UK


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