Barnaby Joyce Outed As One Of Sky News’ 7 Viewers


Former Special Envoy for the Drought Barnaby Joyce has revealed to the world that he is indeed one of Sky News’ 7 viewers. The reveal came after backbencher Joyce tweeted the network to thank them for letting him know he was no longer a part of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s cabinet.

“Ah look yes I will admit that I do watch Sky News,” said a contrite Barnaby Joyce. “I realise I am in the minority, as a viewer of Sky News but you know I only watch it during the day and never after dark.”

“Also I only really watch it for the articles not the you know, salacious opinion.”

When asked whether he believed that his revelation as being a Sky News watcher would hurt his future re-election chances, backbencher Joyce replied: “Hurt are you kidding, have you seen what I’ve done in the past.”

“Heck I could walk down the main street of Armidale firing a shotgun into the air and the people would cheer me on as in their eyes I’m taking a stand against our gun laws.”

Mark Williamson

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