Christensen Calls For Increased NBN Funding So He Can Skype Into Parliament From Manilla

George Christensen

The Morrison Government’s Member for Manilla George Christensen has called on his colleagues to find extra funding for the NBN so that he would be able to Skype into parliament directly from the Philippines.

“I’ve tried in the past to get the old Skype going whilst I was away on a mission trip to the seedy bars district of Manilla but it just kept cutting out,” said Mr Christensen from Brisbane airport where he awaited for his flight to board. “Was real unfortunate timing as well as I was trying to show my leader at the time Barnaby Joyce just how badly the girls are treated in that area.”

“Hopefully things will improve and I’ll be able to sit back, relax and do my job as a member of parliament from the comfort of my favourite dive bar in Manilla.”

When asked why he had to be in Manilla rather than Canberra Mr Christensen replied: “I bet if it was some Greens Senator working on Manus Island looking to Skype in to parliament you lefties in the media wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

“But oh no, old Georgie boy spends 300 days in Manilla investigating the seedy bar scene and all of a sudden questions are asked.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is yet to respond to Senator Christensen’s request.

Mark Williamson

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