Known Misogynist Says Something Misogynistic, Sponsors Unfazed


Known misogynist Alan Jones has again said something misogynistic this time aimed at New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Mr Jones, 78 of Circular Quay called upon Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to force a sock down Miss Ardern’s throat.

The call took most people by surprise as Mr Jones usually threatens women in power with being put in a chaff bag and thrown out to sea.

“I was surprised when I heard him say it,” said longtime listener Bert Smith 105 of Cremorne Point. “I thought to myself a sock instead of a chaff bag, Alan’s got some new gear.”

When asked whether he was offended by Mr Jones’ comments, Mr Smith said: “Oh, you don’t take Alan too seriously. Most of us oldies just have him on in the background for some company.”

“It provides a bit of white noise and stops the door to door salesmen from dropping by.”

Sponsors of the Alan Jones’ radio show have yet to comment, however they are expected to send out the same press release as earlier in the week when Alan attacked Australia’s highest paid sportsman Ben Simmons.

Mark Williamson

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