Hanson Orders Ashby To Hit Up The National Milk Crate Association For Some Cash


One Nation’s dear leader Pauline Hanson has ordered her adviser James Ashby to seek out the National Milk Crate Association (NMCA) and see if they have any cash they could donate to the party.

“When Pauline saw the horrific events unfolding in Sydney this week her heart sank,” said a One Nation Insider. “As she knew that when a guy with a knife could be overpowered with a milk crate then there is no need for guns.”

“This made her awfully sad, cause without guns there is none of that sweet, sweet NRA money.”

“However when one door closes another opens so who knows maybe One Nation will soon be rolling in that sweet, sweet milk crate money.”

When asked why the party was so desperate for funds that it had previously sent two party members overseas to pester the NRA for money ,the Insider said: “You haven’t realised yet, it’s all about the money.”

“You think Pauline gives a crap about anything other than the dollars? Well she does enjoy the racism but that aside, everything she does is all for the money.”

Mark Williamson

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