NSW Government To Fast track Building Of Giant Milk Crate Sculpture In Sydney

Milk Crate

The NSW Government has announced that not only is it taking it’s plan to build a giant milk crate sculpture off of the scrap heap but it will now fast track the construction with an aim for the sculpture to be completed by the end of the year.

“After yesterday’s horrific events in the city it’s time we made Sydney siders feel safer and what better way to do it than with a giant milk crate,” said a Government Spokesperson. “We have listed this project as one of state significance so after building the new casino this is our next priority.”

“Unless of course we have to build another casino in which case it will be bumped down again. But rest assured it is more of a priority than building new hospitals or schools.”

When asked why the project was being rushed through the Spokesperson replied: “Some projects just need to get done, besides which we talked to the State’s most important person Alan Jones and he was cool with it.”

“Of course Alan wanted it built no where near his house but besides from that he had no problems with it.”

Mark Williamson

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