Controversial 7.30 Skit Offends


Infamous comedy troupe, The Chaser Flagship current affairs program, the 7.30 Report is under fire from conservative political commentators for a controversial sketch aired last Tuesday. Introduced by Craig Reucassel Leigh Sales, the 5 minute sketch proceeded to show a photoshopped picture of Prime Minister Tony Abbott having sex with a dog  light hearted take on Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s “shirt-fronting” braggadocio and subsequent flaccid follow through, an offensive piece of comedy that was no doubt intended to offend and generate controversy.

In her Daily Telegraph column, professional outrage machine Miranda Devine accused the ABC of hitting a new low by airing the deliberately provocative middle-of-the-road comedy piece. Renowned comedy critic, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, referred to the skit as being “unfunny and in poor taste”. However, perhaps the biggest critic was Senator Cory Bernardi who used the skit as an example as to why the ABC needs to have its budget slashed, either referencing the piece’s high production values and expensive music samples, or just making the same arguments he always says to anyone who hasn’t blocked him.

This kind of outrage from cultural guardians is necessary for consumer good, as it means people who have not seen the piece can be made aware of its existence and then advise them to avoid it instead of easily seeking it out at this url;

The Chaser 7.30 defended their right to air such puerile filth “puerile filth” by pointing out that their joke was very similar to the many jokes made by other news and comedy organisations.

Matthew Farthing

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