Ebola May Be Worse Than First Reported And These Pandas Are 100 Days Old


Ebola continues to ravage West Africa, doing damage that may be far greater than initially thought and these Giant Panda triplets are the first of their kind to make it to 100 days. The virus, which has infected 6525 Liberians alone, is as deadly as these Panda cubs are cuddly and adorable.

Ebola is a disease with a high rate of death. Typical symptoms include fever, vomiting, and bleeding. Believed to have been spread by bats, the first known victim in the current epidemic was Emile Ouamouno in December 2013, though the World Health Organisation did not respond until July, some 7 months afterwards. Similarly, Giant Pandas are black and white bears that eat bamboo while sitting down and like to have fun by rolling down slopes. These pandas were born in Chimelong Safari Park and are the first triplets the park has managed to raise to such a delightful milestone.

“The more time I spend out there the more I see that what we are being told is not a reflection of the real truth of what’s going on. We are in a position where we’re losing control of the disease, allowing it to spread and become an out and out epidemic,” David Miliband, the more popular brother of Ed Miliband, informed the (Un)Australian, though he refused to clarify his position on the 100 day old panda triplets.

Matthew Farthing

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