Clive Palmer Demotes Jacqui Lambie To Deputy Class Clown

lambie palmer

Leader of the Palmer United Party and dinosaur enthusiast Clive Palmer has today announced that Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie has been demoted from head class clown to deputy class clown.

The move follows weeks of tension between Lambie and Palmer, stemming from Lambie’s dissatisfaction over the government’s treatment of the defence force and her vow to vote against government policy until defence force wages are raised.

When reached for comment on the demotion, Palmer said,:“Look the role of class clown is an important one for the party and Jacqui was doing a great job, I mean her radio interview where she said she was after a well hung guy was some first class clowning. However we feel her current work, is a little below par.”

When asked who would replace Lambie as head class clown, Palmer replied: “it’s a tough call. A lot of consideration was given to Glenn ‘the brick with eyes’ Lazarus, but at the end of the day, one name stood out and that is Wang. We are pleased to announce our new class clown is Senator Dio Wang, and we expect Wang to rise to the occasion.”

The (un)Australian reached out to Senator Lambie for comment, however we didn’t measure up to her requirements.

Author: Mark Williamson

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