Jacqui Lambie Defects: Joins Communist Party Of China

Jacqui Lambie

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie today announced that she would henceforth serve as a member of the Communist Party of China (CCP). Lambie’s departure from the Palmer United Party has been widely anticipated following a public falling out with party leader Clive Palmer over the issue of funding for defence personnel, but her defection to the CPC has caught many observers flat footed.

On Monday, Senator Lambie dined with the general secretary of the CCP and president of the Peoples Republic of China Xi Jingping. The (un)Australian understands that Senator Lambie was highly impressed by  President Xi’s  record on defence spending and the large levels of investment made in Tasmania by state-owned Chinese companies during Xi’s presidency.

In August, Clive Palmer angrily referred to the CPC as “Chinese mongrels who shoot their own people” on national television. It is understood that Palmer’s distaste for the CPC assisted Lambie in coming to her decision.

Nathan Lentern

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