Greg Hunt Defends Exclusion From Climate Talks: ‘Not Really My Area Of Expertise’

greg hunt

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has endorsed the representation of Australia at climate change talks in Peru later this month by the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb.

“Yes, my job as environment minister is to protect big business, hamstring legislation, mislead the public, ignore scientific advice and marginalise environmentalists but at an international level those responsibilities properly fall under Julie’s and Andrew’s portfolios” Mr Hunt told The (un) Australian.

“This will be a very important environmental summit that will have a big impact on environmental action globally. Obviously we want our best people on the job, and I believe they are the ministers best placed to understand and effectively respond to the topics and discussions that will be central to a successful outcome.”

Asked about the possibility of actual environmental protection issues being raised, and of Andrew Robb’s open denial of climate change, Hunt responded: “Well, firstly, environmental protection and science is outside my area of expertise. They’re not things I normally deal with, so me being there wouldn’t be of any help to our delegation.

And Andrew’s probably thought more about climate change and put more effort into our response than anyone else in cabinet (he’s been an enormous help to me with the Great Barrier Reef ). He’s effectively our expert on the issue.”

Leslie Richmond

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