Media Goes Wild Over Man Saying What Women Have Been Saying For Years

karl stefanovic

In a phenomenon that my female friends have been pointing out for a while, but I only really started to notice when my friend Jack highlighted it, the media has been going wild over men who publicly take the feminist stances women have been advocating for years.

Most recently Karl Stefanovic’s experiment of wearing the same suit everyday to highlight the double standard facing women in television has earned international kudos. And not just from Greece. His point is the same point made by many women before him, but according to my housemate Steven, patriarchal institutions tend to privilege the voice of men over women.

Women are just as capable of rational and intelligent thought, my co-worker Terry informs me, so the media’s silence on these issues when it’s flagged by women, seems to perpetuate the same kind of sexism that these institutions like to appear to be combating. Keith, a guy I sat next to on the bus, thinks that while men should speak up more when it comes to sexism, they shouldn’t drown out the voices of women. That sounds like something my ex-girlfriend used to say, but to be honest, it seemed more authoritative coming from Keith.

If you would like to learn more about feminism, you can familiarise yourself with the works of famous feminists. such as Alan Alda, Bill Bailey, and Kurt Cobain.

Matthew Farthing

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