Prime Minister Unveils Plan For New Pacific Rim Jobs

Abbott Poster


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has revealed plans to erect a huge brick wall around the Pacific rim. The 200 metre high wall is part the government’s latest plan to stop the effects of climate change spreading to the South – East Asia region and Australia. The announcement of the ambitious project comes after comments made by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her recent visit to Australia.

In her speech at The Lowy Institute in Sydney, Ms Merkel increased pressure on the Australian Government to do more in cutting green its house gas emissions. She told the audience that climate change “won’t stop at the Pacific Islands.” In response to this warning, The Prime Minister unveiled the bold infrastructure plan in his speech at the Institute of Liberals last night.

“What we have here is an opportunity to build economic growth – we won’t have to compromise our coal industry and we will be protected from the effects of climate change,” he said. Construction on the wall is set to begin in 2016, The Prime Minister said the project has the potential to create thousands of “rim” jobs in the region. “There is already a glut of unskilled labour in this region. It’s time we enabled Australian and Chinese businesses to take advantage of those workers,” he said.

The project is has the full support of all leaders in the region, with Chinese President Xi Jinping said in his recent visit to Australia he sees this at a “golden opportunity”. The Prime Minister is enthusiastic about China’s support and joked during his Liberal Institute speech,  “Team China is working with Team Australia on this one, or as I’d like to call us…Team Chustralia,”

When questioned if Australians were likely to employed on the project, the Prime Minster said they would be mostly be employed to supervise aspects of the project, “there will hundreds and thousands of workers and they will need our guidance and direction.”


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  1. About time great site


  2. not to mention all the boats that this wall could stop – the more rim jobs the better!


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