Eminem To Collaborate With Bill Cosby And Chris Brown on new album


Rap star and renowned misogynist Eminem has announced he will continue his long running tradition of collaborating with like minded artists by teaming up with Bill Cosby and Chris Brown for his next album.

When asked why he would team up with Cosby, a story telling, stand-up comedian and now alleged rapist, Eminem said, “I want to show that my hatred of women transcends all boundaries of color, genre and even art form. That and when you’ve been hating on bitches for as long I have, it’s kinda tough finding people who are just comfortable hanging out with you.”

Chris Brown, who’s biggest claim to fame is beating up his more famous girlfriend Rihanna, appears to be the inspiration behind Eminem’s new lyrics in which he fantasizes about punching Lana Del Ray in the face.

Another track, in which Eminem raps about sexually assaulting female rapper Iggy Azalea, was intended to feature vocals from Cosby, until production stalled when the two disagreed on methodology.

The upcoming release has triggered waves of  outrage in social media circles , with speculation mounting that online website jezebel.com may condemn the album.

The Saturday Paper’s “Progressive Ennui”editor Terri Xavier has suggested the artists flagrant sexism is more so a strategic business decision than a reflection of the rapper’s feelings.

Eminem will be dedicating the album due out next year, to his young daughter.

Mark Williamson


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