Conservative Commentator’s Call For Cut To Triple J Presenter’s Bulge

MAtt Okine

Last night’s ARIA Awards have been the source of considerable discussion after Triple J breakfast presenters Matt Okine and Alex Dyson appeared dressed as  musicians Chet Faker and Sia . Okine’s version of Sia in particular attracted large amounts of attention as the tight fitting outfit highlighted what some commentators have described as, “his impressive package.”

Articles appeared on Buzzfeed  and Twitter was alight with talk of Okine’s impressive package, however not all feedback has been positive with some conservative commentator’s labelling it as yet another example of the ABC waving their packages in the air at critics.

The (un) Australian’s far right wing commentator Allan Moans was reportedly seething at the site of Okine’s package and was overheard shouting, “typical ABC, I bet my tax dollars paid for that package!”

Mr Moans went on to demand that the ABC’s managing director Mark Scott cut off Okine’s package and that the Abbott Government should further cut the ABC’s budget so their reporters have the same size package as their corporate rivals.

 Mark Williamson

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