Anarchist Can’t Believe Posters Yet to Overthrow Capitalism


Stunned by the failure of his multiple posters explaining with simple slogans and graphics how capitalism is an fundamentally unjust system based on dehumanising exploitation threatening the total destruction of the planet, Newtown-based anarchist Michael Roberts admitted he was running out of ideas on how to spark a popular revolution to overthrow class society and all forms of oppressive social relations.

“I just don’t know what is wrong with people,” the frustrated 21-year-old political science student told The (un)Australian. “I even included a hyperlink to an article explaining how to build a new society made up of decentralised councils based on principles of voluntary cooperation and mutual solidarity that could replace the inherently oppressive hierarchical structures of all state-based systems, so it is not like I’ve failed to offer a clear alternative.”

James Sampson, a 23-year-old unemployed anarcho-syndicalist from Enmore, suggested Roberts’ problem was he underestimated the crucial role of the self-organisation of working people around their own interests as an essential mechanism to promote radicalisation.

However, when pressed, Sampson was forced to concede his own campaign of pasting up posters explaining “You Don’t Need Your Boss, But Your Boss Needs You” had failed to make much of an impact, despite pasting several right outside his local KFC.

“I even went in and tried to make direct contact with one of the wage-slaves while ordering a zinger burger, but he just asked what soft drink I wanted with my meal,” said Sampson. “I am starting to think the global proletariat don’t even want to throw off their chains and create a new world based on fraternity and free association.”


Carlo Sands

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