Politician Apologises for Speaking Honestly

Defence Minister David Johnston

Defence Minister David Johnston has apologised over his comments regarding the government’s ship building company, admitting “there’s no room in federal politics for what a politician actually thinks”.

Mr Johnston received criticism from both the Opposition and his own party over his statements that he wouldn’t trust the Australian Submarine Corporation to “build a canoe”, after how it handled the multi-billion dollar Air Warfare Destroyer Program.

“It’s unacceptable conduct,” said Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in reference to the outburst.

“Can you imagine if I went around saying honest things like that? Blubbering the whole time, commenting on how hopeless and invisible I am. It’s not on,” he said breathing into a paper bag.

Mr Johnston’s cabinet colleagues were equally critical, reminding the minister that honest thoughts are to be reserved for political memoirs, ensuring they’re never seen by anyone.

Matthew Brinsden

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