Crystal Meth User Shocked That Iceland Does Not Live Up To Name


28 year-old crystal meth user Dylan Fazackeli was stunned on his recent trip to Iceland to discover that the country does not live up to its name. Mr Fazackeli had been saving for the trip of a life-time in the hope of being able to score ice while walking around on ice.

The three week trip was a fizzer however, as Fazackeli arrived in the summer months and did not see any ice or snow and was unable to score any ice during his trip.

“Yeah, nah the trip sucked mate,” Mr Fazackeli told The (un) Australian. “I mean there was plenty of booze on offer but where was the ice? I mean the place is called Iceland, talk about false advertising!”

The trip to Iceland has not put Mr Fazackeli off travel as he is currently saving up for a trip to Greenland with the view to, in his words, “smoke a few buckets.”

 Mark Williamson


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