World First As Facebook Debate Carried Out Calmly, Ends Civilly


In what experts believe is a world first, a debate taking place on Facebook ended today with both main protagonists civilly agreeing to disagree, while expressing their respect for the other and appreciation for the calm, dignified fashion in which the exchange of views took place.

The exchange ended when it was clear all useful comments on the topic had been exhausted and each thanked the other for the discussion, explaining that while their views had not changed, they had definitely learned more about the other’s perspective and their respect for those holding the opposing view had only grown. They both added that, next time they found themselves in the same town, they should definitely catch up for a friendly beer.

“We have simply never heard of anything like this happening before,” sociologist Marc Banfield told The (un)Australian. “Not a single piece of abuse was thrown. There were no false arguments, personal attacks or even a single comparison of the opponent’s position with Hitler. We had to check no less than three times to make sure this debate did in fact take place on Facebook.”

Carlo Sands

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