Billy Corgan Dismisses Everyone But Himself And Kurt Cobain

billy corgan

Self-declared best rock artist in the history of the entire world, Billy Corgan, has dismissed his peers as unevolved artists and pretty average and in some cases just downright shit in a tell-all interview with Howard Stern on the talky box.

When comparing his own band Smashing Pumpkins to Pearl Jam, he indicated they were overrated, and enjoyed too much kudos. Also that their name has nothing to do with pumpkins.

Corgan told The (un)Australian, “Pumpkin Jam is a much better name than Pearl Jam, isn’t that obvious? Actually smashing pumpkins would be one way to make pumpkin jam,” before adding, “mmmm pumpkin.”

When asked about how Smashing Pumpkins compared to the some of the great bands in history, Corgan simply stated: “Look, The Beatles were crap, the Rolling Stones were ordinary and Led Zeppelin is for philistines. They were popular sure, but I’m the best, everyone knows that, they just aren’t saying it.”

Other artists have responded to Corgan’s revelations saying that “I guess that’s reasonable, I haven’t really referred to pumpkins at all in my work,” and, “what a dickhead.”

When Corgan was asked why Cobain made the grade in his opinion he simply said, “well I wouldn’t want to be disrespectful.”

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