Lazy Journalist Publishes Obituary With David Bowie’s Name Crossed Out And Prince’s Written In


A Journalist for New York’s LA Daily has managed to beat all other websites to publishing an obituary for the musical artist Prince by republishing a previous obituary written for David Bowie, with Bowie’s name crossed out and Prince’s written in.

LA Daily‘s pop culture reporter Ahmed Dreyfuss managed to pip other journalists to the post after recognising God hated ground breaking musicians.

“The sad fact is, because our just and almighty God is jealous of people’s musical prowess, I recognised that many of the things I wanted to write about Prince, I had already written just months earlier for David Bowie,” Mr Dreyfuss told the (un)Australian.

“I managed to get my moving tribute to one of music’s greats up before anyone else and still had time to catch a Price Is Right repeat.”

Excerpts from the obituary include;

David Bowie Prince is regarded as one of music’s true originals, a talented genius who was incomparable to his contemporaries. His influence can be felt in almost every facet of modern music, in everything from Lady Gaga to Kanye West to LCD Soundsystem The Weeknd,”

“Few, if any artists could match Bowie Prince’s growth, artistic change, and reinvention from album to album. His run form Space Oddity Dirty Mind to Let’s Dance the Batman soundtrack remains unparalleled.”

Having pioneered this technique, Mr Dreyfuss is now looking forward to Kate Bush’s death, anticipating he could have a full obituary published a minute after the news of her passing breaks.

While the world mourns for the death of Prince, perhaps no one can some up how we feel better than Mr Dreyfuss himself;

“Rest in peace, David Prince. You taught as all that we can be funky, sexy, and weird.”

Matthew Farthing is the Pop Culture reporter for the (un)Australian. After this string of musician deaths, he is currently keeping an eye on Bruce Springsteen.

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