Bronwyn Bishop Causes Commotion At Local Centrelink Over Seniors Travel Card


Former Speaker of the House and soon-to-be former member of parliament, Bronwyn Bishop has caused a commotion at her local Centrelink after being informed that her Seniors gold card did not get her discount helicopter rental.

Job seeker Matt B Ludger witnessed the commotion, telling The (un)Australian: “I was waiting in line when this angry old lady barged past me and started yelling at the Centrelink worker, houting ‘order, order, the member for centrelink will resume her seat’.

“Then she cut sick when told she couldn’t have a chopper.”

When contacted for comment, Mrs Bishop’s office released a short statement claiming she had ‘done nothing wrong’ and the department of Treasury had ‘cleared her of any wrongdoing’.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull broached the issue of Miss Bishop in a press conference, saying: “There’s never been a more exciting time to be an aged pensioner in Australia”.

Mark Williamson

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