Joe Hockey Refuses To Blame The Sunshine, Monlight, Good Times Or The Boogie


Treasurer Joe Hockey has today refused to blame the billion dollar budget blow out on the sunshine, the moonlight, the good times or indeed the boogie.

When The (un) Australian questioned whether the embattled Treasurer was, instead of defending the budget, simply quoting song lyrics, the Treasurer replied, “We just can’t go on together, with suspicious minds.”

At this stage The (un) Australian was walking out on the press conference when Mr Hockey pleaded with us to stay and maybe change topic and talk of his Christmas holidays to which he said, “ Over the Christmas I don’t plan to feel down, I’m going to hang out with all the boys and stay at the Y. M. C.A.”

When reached for comment over Mr Hockey’s bizarre press conference the Prime Minister’s office laughed it off and directed all budget related enquiries to Mathias Cormann, or Scott Morrison, or the Coalition’s tea lady or pretty much anyone except for Hockey.

 Mark Williamson

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