Alan Jones Hoping To Kickstart A New Race Riot


Conservative commentator and star of ABC TV’s Media Watch program, Alan Jones has today launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of launching another race riot, like the one he successfully held in Cronulla a few years ago.

Mr Jones was recently ordered to pay a $10,000 fine for inciting the Cronulla race riot, held in 2005 and Mr Jones when hearing how little he had to pay was keen to launch a new riot.

The race riot that Mr Jones incited was seen as a stain on Australia and divided the community however for Mr Jones it was a great way to increase his radio programs ratings.

An Australian radio ratings analyst told The (un) Australian, “Inciting a race riot is a great way to increase ratings and at $10,000 that’s peanuts really. I mean it costs KIIS FM more than that in legal fees when Kyle Sandilands says something stupid for ratings.”

As of yet it is unclear when Mr Jones intends to hold the next riot or its proposed location, however the Kickstarter campaign will go live Friday morning.

 Mark Williamson


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