Russell Crowe To Be Named Australian Ambassador For Women


A federal government spokesperson has told The (un)Australian that the government was likely to name actor Russell Crowe as an Ambassador for Women reporting directly to the Minister for Women Tony Abbott.

The spokesperson added: “We all know the government and especially the PM don’t poll well on ‘women’s issues’, so who better than Russell to fix this? I mean, he speaks and they definitely listen.”

Crowe caused controversy recently when he said in an interview with Women’s Weekly that women should act their age.

When this interview was shown to the government spokesperson, he responded: “See, Russell knows how to talk at them, he’s perfect for the role.”

Crowe wasn’t the only actor considered for the role, with fellow American-based Aussie Mel Gibson also considered based on his performance in the movie, What Women Want.

However when approached by government member Josh Frydenburg, Mr Gibson emphatically declined the role with some choice, unrepeatable langauge.

Mark Williamson

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