Nanna’s Removes Packets of Frozen Used Syringes From Supermarkets After Hepatitis Scare


Dessert maker Nanna’s has confirmed that packets of its popular treat Frozen Used Syringes have been recalled after some batches may have been infected with Hepatitis A germs.

“We are urging consumers are to return any packets of our Frozen Used Syringes that they may have purchased in the past fourteen days,” said company spokesman Phil Bambach. “I know this is a disappointment for those hoping to spread our used syringes over a sponge cake or to eat them with a big bowl of ice cream but sadly we have discovered that some dirty foreigner has coughed all over them.”

“I don’t see why Nanna’s is sourcing its syringes from overseas when there are perfectly good local suppliers of used syringes in Darlinghurst and St Kilda,” said Ralph Kramdem from the Australian Consumers Association. “I’m now going to have to cover the pavlova I’m making with inferior Bulgarian made used syringes I got from Aldi.”

Nanna’s have assured loyal customers that only Frozen Used Syringes are affected, and that batches of Nanna’s Frozen Toilet Seats and Frozen Shared Drinking Cups are free from contamination.

 Peter Green

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