Craig Emerson Makes Guest Appearance On Glee


The former Minister for Trade and President for Life of the parliamentary cross party musical theatre society Dr Craig Emerson has made a surprise cameo appearance in the Ryan Murphy comedy drama Glee as “the Minister for Music.”

Dr Emerson appears in the final episode of the long running series after audience favourites “New Directions” get disqualified from the nationals show choir competition for insufficient use of glitter. Dr Emerson enters side stage in his role as the fictitious Minister for Music and then performs a duet of with cast lead Lea Michelle.

Dr Emerson’s passion for musical theatre has long been known to political insiders but entered the public consciousness in 2012 after his bow infamous “No Whyalla Wipeout.” A producer from Glee confirmed that Dr Emerson had offered to reprise his famous performance but his talents as a composer were not required.

The former Member for Rankin who variously served his country as the Minister for Trade, Education, Workplace Relations and Small Business expressed hope that his appearance on Glee will pave the road for an appearance in a Baz Lurghmann production some day.

Nathan Lentern

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