MCG Lowers Food Prices Thanks To New Sponsorship Deal With Nanna’s


The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has taken the unprecedented step of lowering the cost of purchasing food and drink at the venue ahead of the launch of this year’s AFL Season, following a new sponsorship deal with Nanna’s berries.

The new deal will see Nanna’s provide all food and drink at the ground. This will mean lower prices, with meat pies going from $4.80 each to a flat $4.

An MCG spokesperson told The (un)Australian of the ground’s excitement at the deal saying: “It’s a great day for the consumer. For too long, prices have been high at the footy now. With Nanna’s coming on board, everything’s cheaper. $4 for a meat pie is a bargain.”

Asked why prices would be significantly lower, the spokesperson explained the process: “It’s a lot of things. Labour is cheaper in China, where most of the products are now sourced, and ingredients are cheaper there too. I mean, they are meat pies in theory, just what type of meat, who knows? I think it’s some sort of rodent they’re using.”

As well as lower prices customers will also get prizes with their food, people purchasing pies have a one in five chance of catching hepatitis A, B or C, as well new products to be added to the menu such as Salmon Ella.

Mark Williamson

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