Outrage Over Grape Joke At Deaf Festival


Organisers of the annual Deaf Festival have apologized to outraged twitter users who ‘misheard’ a joke told by someone they’d never seen at an event they didn’t attend.

A second apology was issued a few moments later after people without impaired hearing took offense to the use of the word “misheard”.

A third apology was demanded by people with better hearing than dogs for the 100 year old organisation’s name but they received some aggressive hand gestures instead which appeared not to be apologetic. The online vigilantes then divided along philosophical lines with one group supporting the Deaf Society’s right to use the word as it showed ‘empowerment’ and ‘ownership’ of a word with negative connotations while a second group continued to advocate “loudly” on behalf of “the silent”.

A third group tried unsuccessfully to start a hash tag with the words “I’ll hear with you” but arguments over punctuation, sensitivity and whether or not wax build-up caused reductions in privilege led to a further splintering and seventy-four new collectives.

The unAustralian was unable to contact the comedian who started the controversy, as the participants seem to have forgotten both the fact there was a comedian and the joke itself.

Tim Govers 


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