Distributors Given Internet Addresses of Both People Who Illegally Downloaded ‘Housos Vs Authority’



The distributors of the Australian movie Housos Vs Authority say they have no intention of pressing charges against the two people who downloaded the movie, but just wanted to ask them “why?”

“Surely having to watch the movie is punishment enough,” said lawyer Jimmy Woods acting on behalf of the distributors of the film. “Anyway, we would have to pursue them under intellectual property laws and we may have trouble proving that some degree of intellect actually went into the production.”

Professor of Screen Theory at the University of Campbelltown Ted Minto, one of two who downloaded the movie, said: “I don’t see it as stealing, I see it as a protest against the way these overseas film companies won’t let us see films when we want to at a price we want to pay.

“Just like when I have to pinch a bottle of milk from Woolies in the middle of the night because that’s when I’m thirsty.”

The other person to download the movie, Brisbane nurse Kirrily Thomas, didn’t want to speak to The (Un)Australian, instead releasing a statement saying she thought she was downloading an episode of House.

Peter Green

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