Off The Record Conversation Really Boring


Paul Winton, a 33-year-old journalist from Hornsby, felt profoundly let down on Wednesday after receiving an off the record briefing so boring that not even The Australian Financial Review was prepared to run it.

An irritated Winton told The (un)Australian: “When the minister told me that the conversation was strictly off the record, I was led to believe that, you know, there might have actually been some legitimate temptation to tell people about it.

“Instead he just waffles on about his cats, his kids and how there’s a sandwich place that puts too much tomato on his sandwich.”

This is the fourth time this month that Winton has been summoned to a confidential briefing that has consisted of asinine small chat and the journalist has began to suspect that ulterior motives are afoot.

“I think the politicians are just lonely and are just calling these bogus briefings so they have someone to talk to”, said Winton. “I sympathise with them but I’ve got a career and a family, I can’t keep cancelling appointments to exchange marzipan recipes.”
Nathan Lentern

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