Floyd Mayweather Approached To Host Top Gear

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Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has been approached by BBC executives about filling the Top Gear hosting position vacated by Jeremy Clarkson earlier this year.

In March, Clarkson was dismissed from Top Gear after a fracas with a BBC producer. His departure has thrown the future of the once unconquerable motoring program into question, driving the search for a suitable replacement.

But the BBC is now certain that Mayweather is the natural successor to Clarkson. A senior executive told The (un)Australian: “Mayweather possesses all of the same traits that made Clarkson such a star. The violent impulses, the chauvinistic views, the delusions of grandeur, he’s got at all.”

However Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party is unconvinced. “Look a black presenter of Top Gear is all very ‘David Cameron’s new kind of politics’ and in principle I support it the idea but you have to ask is now the right time for this? Are the British people ready to have more unsolicited political correctness thrust down their throat?”

Other potential candidates for the position include cricket commentator Geoffrey Boycott and Australian Senator Cory Bernardi.

Nathan Lentern

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