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‘We are the first country to grant the new baby an award.’

As Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed a baby girl to their family, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that the latest addition to the royal family would be given a damehood to recognise her overwhelming contribution to Australia and the Commonwealth.

Dame is the female equivalent of the honour of knighthood in the British honours system and several other countries such as Australia and among European orders of chivalry. The word “Dame” is the equivalent form of address to “Sir” for knights.

Mr Abbott came under heavy criticism earlier this year after giving Prince Philip a knighthood, but Tony Abbott has defended the controversial decision this time by saying: “I agree giving Prince Philip the award was probably not the greatest way to recognise the Queen’s husband, I mean he has so many awards at home what’s another? But this time we are the first country to give an award to the newest addition to the royal family, that’s got to count for something?”

It seems as if Mr Abbott has once again made a captain’s pick regarding the baby’s present, ignoring suggestions from his colleagues. George Brandis had suggested a Commodore 64, Treasure Joe Hockey suggested a cigar, Malcolm Turnbull recommended sending Tony Abbott while Barnaby Joyce proposed sending Tasmania.

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