Australia Pledges To Send More Celebrities To Earthquake Torn Nepal


The Australian government has pledged to send to Nepal, which has been ravaged by an horrific earthquake that has left thousands dead and tens of thousands homeless, as many celebrities as Qantas Premium Economy can fly into the country.

Already former Packed to the Rafters  star Hugh Sheridan has flown into the Nepal. At first, he was there to locate his missing brother, but after his brother was found safe and sound, he decided to film a documentary on the country.

A spokesperson for Channel 7 talked to The (un)Australian about the situation in Nepal, saying: “When we first heard the news about Nepal and, in particular, Hugh Sheridan’s brother we thought what can we do to help, not only Hugh but our ratings, so we sent him to Nepal with a film crew. And it turned out great, Hugh’s brother is fine and our ratings for Sunday night are through the roof, everyone wins.”

When asked what about the citizens of Nepal, the executive replied: “I’m sure their country featuring on a high rating show in Australia will be great for their tourism industry.”

Mark Williamson

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