Man Checking His Junk Email Inbox Finds 100s Of Emails From Sam Harris


A man who decided to check out his junk email inbox for the first time in months was surprised to discover he had received hundreds of emails from noted Atheist author Sam Harris.

Norm Chompsky, a 32 year old admin assistant from Manchester, England, was clearing out some of his old emails when he discovered that the author of Letter to a Christian Nation had been exuberantly trying to get Mr Chompsky to engage him in a public debate.

The emails, seen by the (un)Australian, range the gamut from Mr Harris stating that he tried to get in contact with Mr Chompsky indirectly through physicist Lawrence Krauss, to aggressively calling the Mancunian a coward for not responding to his emails.

An excerpt from the emails (reprinted with Mr Chompsky’s permission) reads;

“Mr Chomsky (sic), you continue to ignore my reasonable requests despite my utmost politeness. You are brave enough to call the US a terrorist state, but you will not engage me in a public debate? Me! Sam Harris! Humanity’s last hope against Islamic Fascism! Respond to my requests or I will publicly shame you.”

Mr Chompsky, who has no idea how Mr Harris got his email address, responded to the neuroscientist that he wasn’t quite sure what he was going on about. Mr Harris responded minutes later, claiming he had made a mistake and as way of an apology, offered a copy of the new book from his favourite author, Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion by Sam Harris.

The (un)Australian reached out to Mr Harris for this article but received no response from his email address;

Matthew Farthing is the religion reporter for The (un)Australian. He became Jesus after the original Jesus fell of his roof and Matthew found a card on the messiah’s corpse telling him to put on Jesus’ clothing.

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