Bidding War Erupts As Horse That Bucked Tracy Grimshaw Signs With Max Markson


Celebrity agent Max Markson, whose client list reads like a who’s who of fifteen-minutes-of-famers, has just signed exclusive representation rights for the horse who bucked Channel 9 host Tracy Grimshaw, adding him to his illustrious stable (pun intended).

Already Channels 9, 7, 10 and Sky Racing have put offers on the table. Mr Markson responded to the rush of interest by saying, “My attitude is always to make hay whilst the sun is shining. In this case, this includes making actual hay for our client.”

While Tracy Grimshaw is currently recovering in hospital, an optimistic Channel 9 spokesperson has announced that, if they were to win the right to interview the horse, she would be the logical favourite to conduct the interview. The only other serious candidate for the position is Mr. Ed (not to be confused with Eddie McGuire).

The (un)Australian was lucky enough to be granted an audience with the horse on the proviso that we did not raise the issue of the Tracy Grimshaw incident, so we asked the horse to describe it’s up bringing, to which it replied, “Neigh”.

We took that as the horse being uncomfortable discussing this, so we then proceeded to ask whether the horse had ever been to Mt Druitt, at which point it became agitated, and terminated the interview.

Mark Williamson

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