Canberrans Furious That ABC Documentary ‘Parliamentary Question Time’ Portrays Them As Idiots


The mayor of Canberra has lashed out at the ABC for showing the fly on the wall documentary series Parliamentary Question Time, saying the show unfairly focuses on the worst residents of the city.

“Canberra is a city full of high achievers and people who talk sense but if you watched that show you’d get the impression that everyone in Canberra is a complete knucklehead,” said mayor and roundabout maintenance officer Arthur Beare.

“Take that bloke Tony who seems to be the focus of every episode. Surely they could have found someone who doesn’t have a laugh that sounds like a donkey getting its nuts twisted by a pair of pliers. And that Bill guy with his shit attempts to look like a common man. Please.”

The ABC aired the show despite the protests but did delete a controversial scene from the trailer showing a character called Bronwyn farting.

Meanwhile, broadcaster Alan Jones has heavily criticised the SBS documentary series Struggle Street, claiming the broadcaster has stolen his patronising name for the working class without his permission.

Peter Green

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