(un)Australian Reporter Sacked For Lack of Social Media Controversy


The third journalist in as many weeks has been fired for inappropriate online comments today after it was revealed to editors of The unAustralian that one of its reporters had posted yet another banal family happy snap on Facebook.

Human Resources chief Maryanne d’Royd said staffers were given a company-wide directive to offend as many sacred cows as possible earlier this year and the offender “willfully disobeyed” the instruction on a number of occasions. The unAustralian has chosen not to name the now ex-employee out of concern for the reputation for his otherwise grossly offensive Northern Beaches family, which is rumoured to include both Mike Carlton and the late Ron Casey.

A spokesman for the nation’s premier news masthead said the most recent Facebook update was the final straw after earlier incidents including an ostentatious attempt to be seen as even-handed in a discussion about the recent executions of two Australians in Indonesia and a tedious platitude about the skill required to compete on Masterchef.

“He didn’t even snipe about the cocking logies!” Ms d’Royd said before punching a wall and counseling herself for inappropriate language in an office environment.

The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), which is the union representing[sic] journalists, is not expected to be much more than mildly perturbed when it wakes up to the news in September next year.

In the meantime, media professionals are reportedly unfriending and blocking managers at breakneck speed and those who haven’t already are cleverly spelling their names phonetically but with symbols.


T!m G0ver$

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