Next Mad Max Film To Be Filmed Entirely On Sydney’s Peak Hour Roads

george miller

After the overwhelming success of a promotion adjacent Sydney Harbour yesterday morning, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller has announced the next sequel will be shot entirely on every motorway during 6-9 am and 3-7 pm through 2016 in and around Sydney.

“I’m told that Sydney’s motorists were very understanding today but looked pissed,” Miller said while at lunch in pop-up restaurant ‘The Corkscrew’.

“We tell them that it’s bringing in revenue and jobs, and mention that it’s getting great reviews. We even offered extras roles to a few of them because they actually looked furious”

Also dining with the crew was ad guru John Singleton, who was believed to be behind the promo stunt.

“The goal of any ad is to make people feel something while sending your message”

Mr Singleton continued, “This bloody movie’s called ‘Fury Road’. So we got the people on the road to feel fury. Nobody got hurt, and we’re giving every motorist who travels over the bridge tomorrow ****ing flowers and a bottle of wine, real wine not that ****ing pale red crap!”

Mad Max: Fury Road opens Thursday, but is closed to traffic on Wednesdays.

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