Bloody Carnage From Adam Goodes’ Race War Grows


Adam Goodes’ ‘invisible spear of death’ is causing bloody mayhem across the nation.

Days after Sydney Swans star and Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes declared a race war on white Australia by performing a traditional Aboriginal war dance after kicking a goal against Carlton, the death and destruction continue to spread.

The 35-year-old dual Brownlow medalist shocked the nation when he performed the war dance at the SCG on Friday night, during which he threw an imaginary spear at Carlton fans. A stunned nation watched as one Carlton fan after another, some just children, fell dead to the ground. While many were willing to shrug off these deaths on the grounds they were “only Carlton fans” and a “couple less cafes on Lygon Street wouldn’t hurt anyone”, the bloody mayhem only grew.

Right across the country, white Australians continued dying, almost, in the words of one observer, as if they were being “deliberately hunted to near extinction by a foreign invading race seeking to steal their land.” In the aftermath, Aboriginal people are moving onto white people’s recently deserted properties.

Eyewitnesses say the “invisible spear of death” appears to be killing in multiple ways. Surviving residents from the New South Wales white homelands of the Shire told The (un)Australian it was as if some sort of  previously unknown deadly disease – to which its white victims had no immunity – was ravaging the population. In other cases it was as though white people’s food were poisoned or mixed with ground-up glass. The few survivors were reportedly being rounded up and put to work on farms for free, with their children taken and placed in the care of Aboriginal families.

“Goodes’ war dance is just the worst thing to ever happen to this nation,” said a tearful Herald Sun blogger, Andrew Bolt, who has lost his traditional home in Toorak where his family had lived for several years. “I tried to warn people this is what would happen if you let Aboriginal people express pride in their traditional culture, but no one listened.”

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