North Shore Historical Society Revokes Joe Hockey’s Membership


The North Shore Historical Society (NSHS) has made the surprise decision to revoke the membership of the federal treasurer Joe Hockey. The decision comes in the wake of yet another embarrassing gaffe by the nation’s beleaguered economic director.

Joe Hockey patronises many sporting clubs and charitable foundations in his local electorate of North Sydney as well as patronising the nation’s low, medium and medium to high income earners.

However, after comments last week by the Treasurer that if poor people want to afford a house in Sydney they should be richer, the NSHS has decided to distance themselves from Hockey. The move was described by NSHS spokesperson Mark Pointington as not being made in isolation but as a culmination of the most recent comments, along with the poor people don’t drive gaffe and something about poor people eating cake when they run out of bread.

Pointington told the (un)Australian: “At the Historical Society we’re acutely aware of the triggers that can lead to some kind of violent revolution. And Hockey has been taunting the poor at pre-democracy levels. Should that revolution come we want to be on the right side of history.”

Other members of the NSHS are making the point that they have not gone far enough. Trent Fustypants told The (un)Australian: “It’s simply not enough that we remove Hockey from the list of members of the North Shore Historical Society, we need to remove him from The North Shore’s history.

“I don’t mean by force and in person, I mean we need to go back through the historical record of the North Shore and remove references to Hockey.

“That way, we’ll be adequately protected from the civil unrest that Hockey is sure to cause.”

The (un)Australian approached contacted Hockey’s office for a response to the story, but were only told by his media team that there isn’t much point because poor people don’t read newspapers.

Ryan Crawford

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